US Embassies Closed–Some for a Week or More

Some have questioned the hooplah surrounding the closure of a number of American embassies across the mid-east. Yes, we know that the National Security Agency is charged with listening in on foreign terror organization. Increased chatter among those groups suggested that something is/was afoot.
Those terror groups are aware of the NSA’s apptitude in intercepting such traffic. It is rarely a message that says, “The action should start at 8:10 am our time on August 12, 2013 in XYZ City at the American embassy.” Rather it is probably something innocent in raising suspicion, maybe, “The party is a Sam’s house next week.” The terrorists know that they are being listened to.
What I object to is the wholesale listening, collecting, and storing of innocent American conversations on telephone, in the mail, or on the internet–without a warrant from an open court. It appears unconstitutional, in my mind.