“To boldly go, where no one has gone before”

For those of us who grew up on Buck Rogers movie serials and the Star Trek saga, NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto is the quintessential proof that ideas from the science fiction genre can come true.


This photo shows what NASA spokesmen are calling ice mountains. They believe the mountains are made of water. The mountains tower some 11,000 feet above the surface of Pluto. Scientists believe that this about 100 mile square photo represents a relatively recent event (at least in geological terms about 100,000,000 years ago) on Pluto since there are no craters shown on the surface.

This photo was taken some 3 billion miles from earth. Even though this isn’t a manned mission, it is an important step in trying to understand our solar system. Ten years in the making, I would say this is a marvelous success for the folks at NASA.

See nasa.gov for additional pictures and information about the space program.