The Economics of Moving Forward

Political-CampaignIt’s obvious that the economy is beginning to take small, baby steps. You can see that right here in Dacula. Since the beginning of 2013, the City has issued 63 building permits with estimated construction costs of $7,874,000. That’s more building permits that were issued from 2009-2012.

Most of the construction is in-fill building in what were two of our stagnant subdivisions. In one of those subdivisions, I am told that the construction manager cannot find enough laborers–and there are at least 100 people on the job there on a daily basis, and that doesn’t count the other folks who visit the site delivering materials on daily basis. In the other subdivision, I guess there are about 20 folks working.

The economics of moving forward result in jobs for our area, money in residents pockets, lifting of the crushing grind of the past five-year period of economic malaise, and hope for the future–which has no price.

Creating the economic atmosphere where our private businesses can provide jobs and add economic value to our community isn’t an easy job. It requires a person in the Mayor’s office–a capable leader with experience and knowledge who is not afraid to work for your best interests every day. I am seeking your support, influence, and vote in the November 5, 2013 election cycle.