Politics, Politics, Politics

Politics has been called the art of the possible, filled with disagreement, common ground, compromise, and arbitration. Congress is where politics is most visible. At 535 members, Congress is also billed as the world’s most exclusive club. A club divided along general philosophical lines with members falling into categories that either favors government solutions to the nation’s problems or a category that favors personal solution/responsibility and smaller government involvement in day-to-day activities.

As with any exclusive club, members rapidly achieve egotistical attitudes, believing that only the members know best. Egos play out in many and varied ways. Attitudes toward constituents and other members come into play as the “art of the possible” comes into being.

Frankly, it is no wonder Congress is broken. The members play out Einstein’s definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Perhaps, the most insulting thing for constituents is the fact that most politicians cannot do math. Hey, you guy and gals in Congress, 2 + 2 doesn’t add up to 22! It’s four.

As you voted to lift the debt ceiling, it is certain that Congress will rapidly increase borrowing up to the limit to fill that void between the new and old ceiling. It isn’t will the United States default on its debt, but rather when? The answer is when the debt service on all our debts outstrips the ability of the nation to pay.

The answer is four!