Meeting Expectations

Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks at Sonics06192010Holding office as the Mayor means meeting expectations. Holding the office of Mayor means that there are certain things that must be done as laid out in our City Charter. But it means more than that. It means mentoring future leaders. It means working to make an environment that fosters economic development and job creation by our business partners. It means building infrastructure. It means working with other community leaders and institutions at the local, state, and national level. It means interacting with the community, and upholding common values. It means celebrating the lives and triumphs of our residents as well as their difficult times. It is a seven-day a week, twenty-four hour a day responsibility.

When a person considers offering for election, that person is indicating an understanding of the demands of the job and the level of commitment to our City required in the Office of the Mayor.

My record shows that I am able to provide the leadership and experience needed, and that I am committed to serving your interests every day. I am asking for your support, influence, and vote during the election cycle that culminates on November 5, 2013. My record of service and commitment to our City is open for all to see.