April 1 – Deadline for Applying for Homestead Exemption

Tax Commissioner, Richard Steele, issued the following announcement about homestead exemption applications. For owners of home (residential–where you actually live) property on January 1, 2015, assessments for property taxes may be reduced by the homestead exemption. But you must apply for the exemption (usually only once and not every year). City of Dacula homestead exemption is applied to property owners in the City. As indicated you may apply online if you wish. Click on the link for additional information. Remember the deadline is April 1.

Homestead exemption application deadline: April 1

The best way to reduce your property tax bill is to apply for homestead exemptions. The application deadline is April 1. For all exemptions, you must own and occupy the property as your primary residence as of January 1 of the tax year for which application is being made. Applications for 2015 exemptions will not be accepted after April 1.

You may apply online or contact the Property Tax Department for an application. If you mail the completed application, we recommend using certified mail; the signed certified signature card, along with a postmark on or before the deadline, will serve as proof of timely application. Once granted, the homestead exemption is automatically renewed each year.

Click here to learn more about available exemptions and eligibility requirements.