Meet Jimmy

Picture of Mayor Jimmy WilbanksEvery day I am humbled to serve as your Mayor. I appreciate your trust and support. I am seeking your vote and influence for the election cycle that ends on November 7, 2017.

I am a life-long resident of Dacula, a graduate of the Gwinnett County Public Schools and the University of Georgia. My roots are deep in this community. I am a practical and fiscal conservative in both my private and public life.

The City needs a Mayor who is a fiscal conservative, someone who respects private property and supports property owner rights, and someone who fights for your tax-payer rights. You need a Mayor who supports transparent and open governance–a person who strives to make Dacula proud of its heritage and expectant of its future.

As a voter, how can you determine which candidate might be better for the City at this critical time? I can think of only one criterion: the records of the candidates and the experience of each. Every decision made by the City Council and me is open for everyone to see.

Each of us has a story to tell. My record is an open book. If you examine the story carefully, you will find that every action taken was made to benefit all residents of our community.

Together we write the future story of our hometown. Together let’s respect our past and look forward to our future. In 2017, vote for integrity, leadership, and experience.


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